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It is essential to check the chlorine level and pH of pool water before enjoying a refreshing swim. Why? What you think is an inviting water can have serious safety violations, including improper pH or chlorine readings. Though you think you’re using the most accurate water-test kit available, it still may read incorrectly or differently than expected. To save yourself confusion, time and money, call O’side Pool Cleaner!

If you have a chlorinated pool, then you need to test the chlorine. Other sanitizers exist to help reduce the amount of chlorine you need in your pool, but the role of chlorine is vital to maintain a safe and inviting pool. Pool reading is an important part of keeping the pool water clean and safe for swimmers.

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Ideally, you should be testing every day, especially if your pool is not covered and is exposed to rain, wind, leaves, grass clippings, and sunlight. Moreover, maintaining the proper pH balance in your pool will keep your pool finish and equipment in good working order. It can also affect how comfortable your pool water is to swim in. If the pool water is too acidic or too basic, it can irritate the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Is this puzzling you?

Without getting too technical, the pool reading is a measure of how much chlorine is available in pool water to destroy germs. But not all chlorine in the pool is available to destroy germs. Some chlorine may be unavailable because it has chemically reacted with impurities brought into the pool through the bodies of swimmers – perspiration, urine, body oils and cosmetics – and other possible factors like heavy rainfall which increases the presence of bacteria and dirt in your pool’s water.

These harmful substances break down chlorine and substantially diminish the PH balance making them unavailable to destroy germs. Hence, the need to hire our experienced professional team to make sure the chlorine and PH levels are optimal before allowing any bathers inside the pool.

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