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Did you observe increased debris in your pool or spa water? Was there an increase in your filter pressure or lack of skimmer suction? These are a few signs that a filter clean is necessary – something we’d gladly do for you, quickly and efficiently!

Pool filter cleans should be done whenever it is needed – every three months for cartridge filters and every six months on Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters. That’s how important it is! Filters are an essential component to maintaining a healthy, sanitary pool. They are designed to remove unwanted dirt, debris, calcium, and oils; and since it is non-self-cleaning, someone needs to physically remove and clean the media inside the filter system, you’ll want to call an expert.

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Pool filter cleaning is the key to keeping your swimming pool filtration system operating at its best, and it comes with many benefits. When the filter works properly, it removes small particles from the swimming pool and Oceanside CA spa water, reducing the need for chemical treatments used to treat and eliminate algae. Regular pool filter cleans will help reduce the time and cost of maintenance cleaning too, while ensuring clean and clear water that is enjoyable for you, your family and friends. With our advanced technology and proven cleaning methods, you can rest easy knowing you have a clean, healthy water environment, reduced stress on your pool equipment, increased energy efficiency, and an extended life of your pool pump and filtration system. In fact, regular pool filter cleanings should be included as part of the weekly pool cleaning service. This addition will keep the entire swimming pool operating properly and functioning at optimum levels.
In all these, you can expect our commitment to provide you excellent service and only the best results. Our experienced team will thoroughly inspect the filtration system during the service, and let you know if parts are damaged and need to be replaced. Our proactive approach prevents unexpected breakdowns and further filter damage in the future. Exactly what you need, isn’t it? Contact O’side Pool Cleaner today and schedule an appointment!