O’side Monthly Maintenance

Your pool needs regular maintenance in order to keep it free from algae and bacteria. The more thoroughly you clean your pool, the better the results. Thus, it would be wise to hire O’side Pool Cleaner to maintain your pool on a monthly basis and complete major upgrades or repairs.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Deep Cleaning
Since weekly cleaning gets done quickly and concentrates on visible problems, monthly maintenance is the time where everything will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible – getting rid of all the debris that has built up over time, as well as small particles that are floating in the water.
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Equipment Check
Monthly pool servicing is also a good time for us to perform an in-depth inspection of your pool. We will look for visible leaks, tears, cracks, or other indications of damage. We’ll pay special attention to ladders, handrails, and other safety equipment. You can be sure that even mechanical equipment like your pump and filter will be meticulously inspected for leaks, broken seals, or worn parts that may cause your pool to malfunction.
Filter Cleaning
Your filter occasionally needs to be thoroughly cleaned in order to work efficiently and keep your water as clean as possible. During your monthly maintenance service, your pool filter will be cleaned accordingly, depending on the type of filter – taken apart and chemically cleaned and lubed, if the need arises.

Shock Treatment
Regular chemical treatments aren’t enough to handle all the algae and bacteria on their own, and your Oceanside pool water will slowly start to suffer as a result. Our monthly shock treatments will help you stay on top of your water quality so it will remain clean and clear. It’s also a good idea to shock your pool after a large pool party or a heavy rainstorm, which can introduce extra bacteria and debris into your pool.

All these and more with our trusted and in-demand monthly maintenance service. Contact us today for exceptional customer service, and a customizable program that’ll give you the best results at an affordable rate! ​