O’side Chlorine And Salt Pools

Maintaining a saltwater pool isn’t quite like maintaining a regular chlorine pool. In fact, if you try to maintain it the same way, you could end up damaging your pool and its support systems. No worries, we’re here to help!

Chlorine is the chemical of choice for sterilizing swimming pools, primarily because of its cleanliness, oxidation levels, and low price point. Regular chlorine pools ask you to add chlorine as needed to maintain a more-or-less constant level within the pool. Saltwater pools also use chlorine, but rather than dumping chemicals in, they pass water through a unique system known as a salt chlorine generator. When you add electricity to the water and salt, the chemicals change into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The acid sanitizes the pool while the hydrogen bubbles out of the water and into the air. To put simply, salt pools convert salt into chlorine.
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Here’s the thing, chlorine is cheaper to install but more expensive to maintain while salt is more expensive to install but cheaper to maintain. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, which require frequent chemical adjustments, saltwater pools require minimal maintenance and can work for extended periods without modification. This means significantly less time spent maintaining your pool. However, it’s not all positives because salt is fundamentally corrosive. It’s not harmful to pool equipment in normal concentrations, but if something goes wrong and salt starts to exceed the amount required, it can start breaking down everything from railings to your pool liner. Maintaining proper pool circulation, regular pool cleaning, maintaining the proper pool chemistry and inspecting the salt cell generator are necessary to keep salt pools at superior condition. In all these, both salt or chlorine-based pools need proper maintenance from Oceanside pool service, and you can expect us to do it remarkably well!
With O’side Pool Cleaner, you can learn everything you need to know about owning and maintaining your pool – whether it’s salt or chlorine-based – from our reliable and experienced experts trusted by families in Oceanside for years now. Contact us today for exceptional service, and the best pool service plans at an affordable rate!