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Having issues with staining at the bottom of your pools? Is your pool taken over by algae due to poor winterizing, stagnant water or lack of pool care? O’side Pool Cleaner is here to help!

When it comes to pool and Oceanside CA spa maintenance, acid washing is something often mentioned but not always clearly understood. An acid wash service often referred to as “drain & clean”, can help remove heavy arrays of algae build-ups and brown-fused stains from the bottom and sides of your pool, and restore 70-80 percent of your pool surface’s original brightness, bringing back your pool’s true water color and density. However, it should only be done by professional pool service technicians since it involves high-grade chemicals that have toxic fumes and can be hazardous; also, to ensure the quality of the pool stays intact, clean and safe for all users. Thus, it is strongly advised that you do not tackle an acid wash yourself. It can ruin the interior of your pool and be a costly repair job if not done properly.

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With our years of experience, you can have the peace of mind that our technicians are expertly trained to work with the materials needed, and have all the tools and equipment necessary to carefully drain & clean your pool, as well as neutralize and pump out the waste water. Not only can we perform high-quality acid wash service, we can also ensure the highest standard of safety after every wash. We know how important a safe pool is to our clients, and in our pursuit to meet your expectations, if not exceed them, we’ll clean and wash any disturbance to bring your swimming pool back to life!

A dirty, broken, neglected pool can actually repulse anyone, but a beautiful, clean, working pool adds tremendous appeal and value to any home. So, if you need immediate cleaning maintenance to restore your pool back to tip-top condition, we’re your go-to company! Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment, and make your pool look like new again!